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Treating the Sacroiliac Joint

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The irritating pain that accompanies tight muscles along with limited mobility and the numbness that extends down your buttocks and legs are the all too familiar symptoms associated with low back pain relating to conditions of the lumbar spine. But, when your lumbar back pain points to the sacroiliac joint instead, what are your treatment options?

The sacroiliac joint is the space located between the sacrum and the back of the hip; it is the place where the spine connects to the pelvis at the level of the hips. The sacroiliac comprised of two bones, the sacrum, and the ilium, and although referred to as a joint, the sacroiliac joint does not move. The function of the sacroiliac joint is to support the movements of the lower extremities. With overuse or underuse, the muscles surrounding the joint may become inflamed or tight, adding pressure and stress that will often lead to sacroiliac joint dysfunction, the possible exact cause for your low back pain.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain Relief

Once diagnosed, there are various options for treating your sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Chiropractic care and physical therapy consisting of manual manipulation and massages are a viable option. Treating the dysfunction with physical adjustments together with stretches will help realign the sacroiliac joint and loosen the tight muscles. Additional exercises could follow with your treatment to strengthen the surrounding muscles and increase the support your sacroiliac joint needs to function normally.

Using sacroiliac braces is another treatment option for your sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Many people have reported good results as a brace helps stabilize a loose sacroiliac joint.

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