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Foot Orthotics

Foot orthotics for your shoes can be custom-made to medical/prescribed specifications or purchased at the store. Custom-made orthotics work far better and are of a higher quality than pre-made orthotics.

Custom orthotics help by:

  • Correcting abnormal walk/gait
  • Reducing pain
  • Preventing and protecting foot deformity’s
  • Achieving Proper foot alignment
  • Reducing pressure on the foot
  • Improving the mechanics of the foot

Foot pain can present itself through injury, disease, or type of condition, but it’s the root cause of the pain that the doctor wants to know so they can understand what kind of orthotic to design. The inserts are made by taking an impression of the foot/feet with a 3-D laser scan.

Foot pain seriously affects many and can lead to leg, hip, and spinal problems. Orthotics can offer help by way of starting with the feet; foot orthotics can prevent future issues and relieve any pain or discomfort. It is worth consideration and should be discussed with your primary caregiver.

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