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Train Your Glutes: An In-Depth Guide to Gluteus Minimus Muscles

December 8, 2023

For individuals experiencing gluteus minimus pain and are unsure where to start to deal with it, can a physical therapist, chiropractor, or general practitioner help diagnose lower extremity pain and… Read More

Turf Toe Injury: When to See a Doctor

December 7, 2023

For individuals experiencing a turf toe injury, can knowing the symptoms help athletes and non-athletes with treatment, recovery time, and returning to activities? Turf Toe Injury A turf toe injury… Read More

Understanding Muscle Protein Synthesis for Maximum Growth

December 6, 2023

For individuals trying to optimize muscle growth, protein intake is essential. But the body is limited by how much protein can synthesize to repair and grow muscles. Can knowing protein… Read More

Pancakes: Know the Calories & Nutrients Before You Indulge

December 5, 2023

For individuals wanting to eat pancakes regularly, are there ways to increase pancake nutrition and lower the calorie and carb counts so they can be included in a balanced diet?… Read More

Nonsurgical Decompression: Understanding its Effects on Sensory Nerve Dysfunction

December 5, 2023

Can individuals with sensory nerve dysfunction incorporate nonsurgical decompression to restore sensory-mobility function to their bodies? Introduction The spinal column in the musculoskeletal system comprises bones, joints, and nerves that… Read More

Achieving Sleeping Mobility: A Physical Therapist’s Guide

December 4, 2023

Individuals in post-surgery recovery or dealing with illness or an injury can experience weakened muscles and endurance that can cause temporary loss of sleeping mobility and inability to move around… Read More

Optimize Your Workouts With Wearable Weights

December 1, 2023

For individuals wanting to improve their fitness routine can incorporating wearable weights and knowing how to use them effectively help achieve health goals? Wearable Weights Adding wearable weights allows individuals… Read More

How Disease, Injury and Genetics Lead to Unhealthy Postures

November 30, 2023

Many individuals attribute to some degree, their neck or back pain to unhealthy posture. Can knowing the causes and underlying factors help guide lifestyle adjustments and seeking medical rehabilitative treatment?… Read More

Break Up Tissue Adhesions With Friction Massage

November 29, 2023

For individuals having difficulty moving or functioning normally due to injury, surgery, or illness, can a chiropractic and physical therapy team help expedite recovery? Friction Massage Individuals may develop scar… Read More

Nonsurgical Tips & Tricks To Reduce Low Back Pain

November 29, 2023

Can individuals with low back pain find nonsurgical solutions to restore lumbar mobility and stability to the lower limbs? Introduction As one of the top three common problems that many… Read More