Headaches & Treatments

Headaches & Treatments: The most common cause of headaches can relate to neck complications. From spending excessive time looking down at a laptop, desktop, iPad, and even from constant texting, an incorrect posture for extended periods of time can begin to place pressure on the neck and upper back leading to problems that could cause headaches. The majority of these type of headaches occurs as a result of tightness between the shoulder blades, which in turn causes the muscles on the top of the shoulders to also tighten and radiate pain into the head. If the source of the headaches is related to a complication of the cervical spine or other region of the spine and muscles, chiropractic care, such as chiropractic adjustments, manual manipulation, and physical therapy, can be a good treatment option. Also, a chiropractor may often follow up chiropractic treatment with a series of exercises in order to improve posture as well as offering advice for future lifestyle improvements to avoid further complications. For Answers to any questions you may have please call Dr. Jimenez at 915-850-0900

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