Joint & Bone Health

Joint & Bone Health: A joint is the connection between two bones. Joints and the surrounding structures allow the bending of out elbows and knees, wiggle our hips, bend our backs, turn our heads, and wave our fingers.

There is a smooth tissue called cartilage along with synovium and a lubricant called synovial fluid that cushions the joints so the bones do not rub against each other. But increasing age, injury, or carrying too much weight can wear and tear the cartilage. This can lead to a reaction that can damage the joints and lead to arthritis. The best way to care for the body’s joints is to keep the muscles, ligaments, and bones strong and stable with regular exercise, watch one’s weight and chiropractic care.

Bones play many roles for the body. They provide structure, protect organs, anchor the muscles and store calcium. It’s important to build strong and healthy bones during childhood and adolescence and one can take steps during adulthood to protect bone health. Our bones are continuously changing, new bone is made and old bone gets broken down. In our youth, our body makes new bone faster than it breaks down old bone, and our bone mass increases. Most people reach their peak bone mass around age 30. After that, bone remodeling continues, but more bone mass is lost than gained.

The bottom line is that joint & bone health is just as important as the rest of our body’s health. Therefore, they must be taken care of with the utmost care. This involves healthy diet, exercise, vitamins and chiropractic care. For Answers to any questions you may have please call Dr. Jimenez at 915-850-0900

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