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Functional medicine is so effective because it uses the concept of interbody connections. Organs are not alone and in a box, but rather functioning together on a biochemical and physiological level. Using this method of thinking allows practitioners to diagnose and see disease on a more dynamic level. Traditional medicine is not as heavily focused on the aspect of nutrition and the vital role it plays. 

Functional Medicine and The Bridge

Functional medicine* is the bridge between science and medicine. By using the interconnections and understanding the signal pathways, medicine and treatment plans become connected to the body at the functional level. Bridging the gap between medicine and science requires a deep understanding of not only the body systems but the brain as well. A key aspect of healing and functional medicine* is patient-centered care. The more time practitioners spend with patients to understand their history leads to more significant breakthroughs and healing. 

The benefits of treating patients holistically offer them optimal aging, reduced long term costs, the early detection and prevention of disease, reduced pain, and joint issues, and living a more abundant life. Determining where to begin with a patient all relies on the patient’s full story and discovering where the symptoms are coming from. This is key in treating patients. Many patients are used to saying “my stomach hurts” and getting a prescription for the newest stomach pain relief pill on the market. However, the holistic approach asks, “why does your stomach hurt?” and follows the path to what is causing the stomach pain. Family history is also vitally important when it comes to creating a proper treatment plan. 

Functional Medicine Testing

The lab testing we use determines specific hormones and levels throughout the body that provide more insight than a standard blood panel. We have access to the top of the line labs in order to receive the most accurate information on our patients. The testing we provide can reveal underlying problems with oxidative stress levels, nutritional imbalances, neurological complications, digestive and international imbalances, impaired detoxification, hormonal and endocrine imbalances, immune dysfunction, and inflammatory responses. We have seen positive results using functional medicine* methods in areas such as depression, inflammatory bowel, acne, eczema, IBS, headaches, migraines, arthritis, diabetes, and many other chronic health issues. 

The future of medicine is here and it revolves around diet, positive lifestyle changes, and an understanding of how the body connects. Functional medicine* is what will change the lives of so many people. -Dr. Alexander Jimenez

Functional Medicine* and Integrative Wellness requires Doctors to engage in further education outside of their core training and within their scope of practice.
*Additional Education: M.S.A.C.P – Licensed in Texas & New Mexico. Scope of Practice Governed and Determined by State License & State Board Rules & Regulations.

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