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Functional Medicine®

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Functional Medicine Explained

Wellness Doctor Rx Podcast

Wellness Doctor Rx Podcast discusses health, musculoskeletal issues/conditions, personal injury/s, rehabilitation, fitness, diet, wellness and helps break down all the information in a way we can all understand. We check out the latest news, advancements, and events in the world of health and wellness.

All kinds of individuals join in the discussion including Functional Medicine Experts, Athletic Specialists, Fitness Professionals, Nutritionists, Health Coaches, Physical Therapists, Trainers, and Chiropractors. Health insight, treatment options, exercise, and therapy techniques are just a few of the topics discussed in-depth, along with:

  • Gut Health
  • Supplements
  • Chronic Pain
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Diets
  • Disease
  • Lab Testing
  • Fasting
  • Functional Medicine
  • Integrative Testing
  • Spine Health
  • Alternative Therapies
  • Stress
  • Quality of Life

Discussed is finding, testing out ways to live a healthier life through various types of wellness programs, exercise, diets, supplements, and chiropractic health. We look at the latest information that has proven benefits and can get an individual on a healthy track. This plus the approaches to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, conditions, and maintaining an optimal level.

Wellness doctor Rx podcast looks at all types of issues and conditions and breaks them down into laymen’s terms. We discuss ways to keep the body and mind fit. We want to help educate everyone about proper health, and how they can improve their quality of life through whole-body wellness.

The clinical focus is to help you learn about what is going on in the world of chiropractic wellness. We look at the latest breakthroughs, techniques, therapies, and equipment. We want everyone healthy and living a life that is pain-free, living to the fullest and armed with the knowledge and ability to maintain a healthy life.


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