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Anatomy Chiropractic Scientist. Anatomy is the scientific study of the structure of organisms, including their systems, organs, and tissues. It includes the appearance and position of the various body parts, the materials from which they are composed, their locations, and their relationships with the other body parts. It is quite distinct from physiology and biochemistry, which deal respectively with the functions of those parts and the chemical processes involved.

Humans have the overall body plan of a mammal. Humans have a head, neck, trunk (this includes the thorax and abdomen), two arms and hands, and two legs and feet.

Medical students generally learn gross anatomy through practical experience of dissection and inspection of cadavers. The microscopic study (or histology) can be aided by practical experience examining histological preparations (or slides) under a microscope.

Human anatomy can be taught regionally or systemically to study anatomy by bodily regions such as the head and chest or studying by specific systems, i.e., the nervous or respiratory system. Physicians’ thorough working knowledge of anatomy is required, especially surgeons and doctors and chiropractors, that work in some diagnostic specialty.