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Dr. Alex Jimenez Presents: Preventing Atherosclerosis With Chiropractic Care



Dr. Jimenez, D.C., presents how to prevent atherosclerosis through various therapies that can help reduce the effects of cardiovascular diseases. By understanding the risk factors causing these issues, many specialists associated with cardiovascular disorders can develop a solution to minimize these symptoms that correlate with the vital organs and muscles with a personalized treatment plan. We acknowledge patients to certified providers that provide treatment options for cardiovascular disorders that can restore body functionality and improve a person’s health. We assess each individual and their symptoms by entrusting them to our associated medical providers based on their diagnosis results for a better understanding. We recognize that education is a tremendous way to ask our providers questions about the patient’s knowledge and symptoms. Dr. Jimenez, D.C., implements this information as an educational service. Disclaimer


The Cardiovascular System & Atherosclerosis

Dr. Alex Jimenez, D.C., presents: When the body deals with various issues causing muscle and joint pain, it could be due to overlapping risk profiles affecting the cardiovascular system. In a normal functioning body, the cardiovascular system works with different systems, including the musculoskeletal system, the pulmonary system, the endocrine system, the central nervous system, and the gut system. The heart is one of the main vital organs in the cardiovascular system that supplies oxygen-riched blood to the different muscles, tissues, and organs to function properly. The oxygen-rich blood also carries other items to circulate in the body, like hormones, protein, and nutrients, to be used later. However, when environmental factors start to disrupt the body, they can affect the cardiovascular system and can do serious damage. To that point, it can develop cardiovascular diseases over time and cause body pain. Many studies and research have shown cardiovascular diseases are still the number one in the world that causes mortality and morbidity in the body. They can cause other issues that can affect the body.


One of the cardiovascular diseases that can lead to heart dysfunction is atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a buildup of plaque (fats, cholesterol, and other hard, sticky substances) that builds up over time along the artery walls that can slow down the blood flow, causing less circulation in the arteries. When the circulation becomes obstructed, it can lead to ischemia associated with a blood clot due to the different body areas not getting enough blood and oxygen to function properly. 


Inflammation Associated With Atherosclerosis

Dr. Alex Jimenez, D.C., presents: When this happens, there can be an imbalance of LDLs (low-density lipoproteins) which can then develop various symptoms over time that can lead to muscle and joint pain. Some of the most common underlying reasons that can cause LDL imbalances associated with atherosclerosis could include the following:

  • Chronic inflammation
  • Immune dysfunction
  • Oxidative stress in the vascular system
  • Poor diet
  • Tobacco exposure
  • Genetics
  • Pre-existing cardiovascular disease

When various disruptors can damage LDL, it can become oxidized over time, damage the cardiovascular endothelium wall, and cause macrophage and platelet activation. To that point, once the macrophages start to eat, they form into foam cells and then explode and release peroxidation, which means that they damage the lining of the blood vessel. 


Looking closer at the oxidized LDL, it can biotransform into pro-inflammatory markers and is correlated with vascular inflammation. When dealing with vascular inflammation, the body can develop metabolic endotoxemia. Metabolic endotoxemia is where LPS (lipopolysaccharides) levels elevate even though there is a presence of infections in the body. To that point, it can correlate to gut dysbiosis and chronic inflammatory diseases to stimulate the immune system to increase NFkB inflammatory cytokines and cause muscle and joint pain. 



When there is an increase in inflammation due to atherosclerosis or any cardiovascular disease an individual may have, the signs and symptoms can vary depending on their environment. Excessive weight gain, hypertension, increased oxidative stress, high triglycerides, low HDLs, etc., can affect the body and make it dysfunctional. These mechanic factors can influence dysbiosis in the cardiovascular and gut systems, leading to chronic conditions like IBS, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular diseases. 

Treatments To Lower Inflammation

Dr. Alex Jimenez, D.C., presents: So what can we do to reduce the inflammation associated with atherosclerosis causing muscle and joint pain? Well, one of the ways that many people can do this is by eating less refined carbohydrates, and high sugar can lower high glycemic levels in the body can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Another way is to try the Mediterranean diet, which includes lean proteins, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, heart-healthy vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains to reduce inflammatory markers from proceeding further to causing issues in the body. Even supplements and nutraceuticals like glutathione and omega-3s can reduce chronic inflammation and cardiovascular disease complications by enhancing their antioxidant properties to preserve redox homeostasis while regulating oxidative stress in the body.


Another way people can prevent atherosclerosis is by exercising regularly. An exercise routine is an excellent way to keep the heart pumping and allow the muscles to move. Any exercise like yoga, Crossfit, dancing, swimming, walking, and running will allow more oxygen intake to the lungs, allowing the heart to pump out more blood to allow more circulation to the various organs, muscles, and tissues. Plus, any exercise can reduce plaque buildup in the arteries and reduce inflammation in the muscles and joints affecting the body.


Chiropractic Care & Inflammation

Dr. Alex Jimenez, D.C., presents: And finally, treatments like chiropractic care can help restore functionality to the body through spinal manipulation. Now, how does chiropractic care correlate with cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis? When the body is dealing with inflammation and chronic stress associated with atherosclerosis, the decrease in blood circulation can cause internal organ dysfunction and disrupt the transmitted signals to reach the brain. So when the transmitted signals become blocked, it can cause spinal subluxation to the spine and invokes pain in the upper, middle, and lower sections of the back, neck, hips, and shoulders. To that point, a chiropractor incorporates mechanical and manual manipulation to realign the spine and allow joint and muscle function back to the body. At the same time, chiropractic care can work with other associated medical providers to develop a personal treatment plan that allows the body to begin its recovery process. 



Our goal is to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the body to dampen the effects of cardiovascular diseases associated with pain. Covering some of the different ways to prevent atherosclerosis from affecting the cardiovascular system in the body can help the vital organs and muscles from producing more inflammation associated with pain. Incorporating heart-healthy and anti-inflammatory food, taking supplements, exercising, and going to treatments can make big changes to the body. The process may be tedious, but the results will slowly improve the body’s functionality and help the individual stay on the path of health and wellness.



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