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Why People Spend More On Back & Neck Pain?



Many people experience neck and back pain due to various factors that affect their daily routine. These pain conditions are common and can be caused by repetitive motions that impact the surrounding muscles, tissues, ligaments, and spinal discs. Chronic pain can develop depending on the severity and duration of the condition. People with demanding jobs, pre-existing conditions, or older adults may seek medical attention to reduce the pain-like symptoms of neck and back pain. However, treatment costs can be high. There are safe, cost-effective, and non-invasive treatments to relieve neck and back pain. This article will explore why neck and back pain is expensive and why non-surgical treatments are cost-effective. It will also discuss how non-surgical therapies like spinal decompression can alleviate back and neck pain. We work with certified medical providers who use our patients’ valuable information to treat individuals suffering from back and neck pain while informing them about non-surgical treatments like spinal decompression that can help relieve their neck and back pain. We encourage patients to ask essential questions and seek education from our associated medical providers about their condition. Dr. Jimenez, D.C., provides this information as an educational service. Disclaimer


Why Does Back & Neck Pain Cost More?

Many people report to their primary doctors that they are experiencing radiating pain from the neck or lower back, which affects their upper or lower extremities. For neck pain, they may experience headaches or shoulder pain that causes pain-like symptoms like numbness or tingling sensations down to their arms and fingers. For back pain, they may experience muscle soreness in their lumbar region, which can result in numbness in the glute muscles or cause sciatic nerve pain, affecting their walking ability. Research studies reveal that cognitive, affective, and lifestyle factors all affect the neck and back. High-demanding jobs, stress, or trauma from an accident can develop neck and back pain. As a result, the body takes more overbearing loads, tightening the surrounding muscles in the neck and back. If not treated right away, it can lead to problematic issues that disrupt their routine.



Based on the book “The Ultimate Spinal Decompression” by Dr. Eric Kaplan D.C., FIAMA, and Dr. Perry Bard, D.C., humans’ evolution to walk upright has strained their stability, leading to axial overload and potential neck and back pain. The book also highlights that the human body was not meant to remain sedentary, which can also contribute to the development of such pain. Research studies revealed that neck and back pain can be nociceptive with neuropathic components, making treatment costly and time-consuming. This economic burden can discourage individuals from seeking treatment despite the pain and expense involved.

Fighting Inflammation Naturally- Video

Are you experiencing persistent neck and back pain? Do your upper or lower extremities feel stiff or tingly? Or is your mobility limited, interfering with your daily activities? These issues are often associated with neck and back pain, disrupting a person’s routine and preventing them from enjoying life. Neck and back pain are common ailments that can be expensive to treat. Research studies revealed that they can also influence individuals’ ability to return to work, increasing treatment costs.



Additionally, pain-like symptoms often accompany neck and back pain, leading some individuals to spend nearly a billion dollars on treatment. However, cost-effective treatments are available that can help alleviate these symptoms. The video above explains how non-surgical treatments can reduce neck and back pain and relieve pain-like symptoms.

Why Non-Surgical Treatments Are Cost Effective?


Research studies have shown that non-surgical treatments are a cost-effective and effective solution for neck and back pain. Many individuals can utilize these treatments combined with various therapies to improve their quality of life and reduce pain symptoms. Non-surgical treatments offer personalized plans as healthcare providers work together to find solutions. They provide individuals with a positive approach to regaining their health and wellness by informing them about their bodies and how to be more mindful of how pain affects their daily routines. Some non-surgical treatments that can relieve neck and back pain include:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Physical therapy
  • Spinal Decompression
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage therapy


How Spinal Decompression Can Alleviate Back & Neck Pain


You might be interested in non-surgical treatments like spinal decompression if you suffer back or neck pain. This technique uses gentle traction on the spinal column to alleviate pain while helping your body heal naturally. Research studies have found that cervical spinal decompression can increase disc height and reduce pain caused by compressed cervical discs. This treatment can also alleviate residual pain symptoms like headaches or muscle stiffness and restore mobility to the neck. For back pain, research suggests that spinal decompression can reduce the effects of compressed spinal discs, which can aggravate nerve roots like the sciatic nerve in the lumbar region. Many people who try spinal decompression feel relief after just a few sessions and become more mindful of what triggers their pain. This can help them make small lifestyle changes to continue their journey toward health and wellness.



Many people struggle with neck and back pain, which can be caused by multiple normal and traumatic factors and can be costly. Individuals often prefer to endure the pain rather than subject themselves to invasive treatments. However, non-surgical therapies that are cost-effective and gentle on the body are available. Spinal decompression therapy is one such treatment that can help alleviate pain and promote the body’s natural healing processes. By reducing pain symptoms, many individuals who undergo spinal decompression therapy can return to their daily routines pain-free.



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