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Discover the Healing Power of Acupuncture for Muscle Pain


Can individuals dealing with muscle pain find relief from acupuncture therapy to get back to their daily activities and well-being?


Many people worldwide have dealt with pain in their musculoskeletal system that has affected their daily routine. Some of the most common factors that people have experienced muscle pain include sedentary lifestyles from working at a desk job or physical demands from an active lifestyle. The muscles, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues can become overstretched and overworked, causing the muscles to become weak. At the same time, visceral somatic issues in the neck, shoulders, and back can affect the upper and lower extremities, leading to a life of disability. Many factors that can contribute to the development of muscle pain can impact a person’s routine and cause them to find various techniques to reduce the muscle pain in their bodies. Since muscle pain can be in acute or chronic form, many individuals who are seeking treatment for their ailments can look into non-surgical therapies like acupuncture to not only reduce muscle pain but also find the relief they are looking for. Today’s article focuses on how muscle pain can affect a person’s well-being, how the essence of acupuncture can be beneficial for muscle pain, and how people can integrate acupuncture therapy as part of a wellness routine. We talk with certified medical providers who consolidate our patients’ information to assess how muscle pain can impact a person’s well-being. We also inform and guide patients on how acupuncture therapy can benefit the body by reducing the effects of muscle pain. We encourage our patients to ask their associated medical providers intricate and important questions about incorporating acupuncture therapy into a wellness routine to reduce muscle pain and its referred symptoms. Dr. Jimenez, D.C., includes this information as an academic service. Disclaimer.


How Muscle Pain Can Affect A Person’s Well-Being

Do you feel the effects of tiredness and weakness in your upper and lower extremity muscles? Have you experienced general soreness or aches in your neck, shoulders, or back? Or does twisting and turning your body cause temporary relief to your body, only for it to be worse throughout the day? When it comes to muscle pain can be a multi-factorial condition where that can involve complex interactions on a person’s structure, physical, social, lifestyle, and comorbid health factors that can come into play as contributing factors for people to experience long-term pain and disability. (Caneiro et al., 2021) As many individuals start to do repetitive motions or stay in sedentary positions, muscle pain can develop when they stretch or try to move their muscles while doing their routine. The burden of muscle pain often correlates with socioeconomic factors that can cause many people, both young and old, to substantially limit their mobility and engagement in their routine, which predisposes increased risk factors to other chronic conditions they may have. (Dzakpasu et al., 2021)



When many individuals are dealing with muscle pain in its acute or chronic form, many often don’t realize that when the affected muscles in the upper and lower body quadrants are coping with pain, there is associated pain and stiffness from how active or inactive the muscles are can affect the soft tissue causing high mechanical stress to the affect the skeletal joints. (Wilke & Behringer, 2021) When this happens, many people will start to experience referred muscle pain in their bodies, causing issues with their mobility, flexibility, and stability. Coincidentally, muscle pain can also be a symptom of many people who have various pains in their bodies that have impacted their lives prior; seeking treatment can reduce the effects of muscle pain and help them take back their routine to lead a healthier lifestyle.


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The Essence Of Acupuncture For Muscle Pain

When many people are dealing with muscle pain, they are seeking treatments that are not only affordable but also can be effective in reducing the overlapping risk profiles that are affecting the body, causing muscle pain. Many treatments like chiropractic care, decompression, and massage therapy are non-surgical and are effective through consecutive sessions. One of the oldest and most effective treatments that can help reduce muscle pain in the body is acupuncture therapy. Acupuncture is a holistic treatment derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine that utilizes small, solid, thin needles inserted by professional acupuncturists to various acupoints. The main philosophy is that acupuncture provides relief to the body as it helps improve the body’s energy flow while maintaining a person’s overall health and vitality. (Zhang et al., 2022) When a person is dealing with muscle pain, the muscle fibers can develop tiny nodules known as trigger points that can induce pain in the affected muscle quadrants. With acupuncture needles placed in the affected area, local and referred pain is reduced, muscle blood flow and oxygen are returned to the body, and the muscle’s range of motion is improved. (Pourahmadi et al., 2019) Some of the benefits that acupuncture therapy provides include:

  • Increased circulation
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Endorphin release
  • Relaxing muscle tension


Integrating Acupuncture As Part Of A Wellness Routine

Many individuals who are seeking acupuncture therapy as part of their wellness journey can see the positive benefits of acupuncture and can combine it with other therapies to reduce the chances of muscle pain from returning. While acupuncture can help stimulate the nerves and restore motor function, treatments like joint mobilization can help stretch the affected muscles and joints to improve the body’s range of motion. (Lee et al., 2023) With many individuals seeking acupuncture treatment to reduce muscle pain, many can make small changes in their routine to prevent the pain from causing overlapping risk profiles to their bodies. When addressing the root causes of pain and promoting the body’s innate healing abilities, acupuncture can help restore balance, alleviate discomfort, and enhance overall well-being.



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