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Seven Signs That Confirms That Your Back Pain Is Actually Sciatica…

Don’t know about sciatica? Well, I think you don’t read the health section in the newspapers or health magazines at all because if you would read any of those, then you are going to see how common sciatica is in today’s world. Almost 40% of the total world population suffer from sciatica. Here is how sciatica affects a person.

1. Pain radiates down the leg

Sciatica occurs when pressure is put on the sciatic nerve. Sciatic nerve consists of a group of nerves that travels from lower back to thighs, back of the legs and into the ankles. Sciatic nerve holds the distinction of being the longest and most widely spread nerve in the human body. In the recent times, sciatica has become synonymous with any pain that occurs in the lower back or buttock, which then travels into the thigh, leg or foot.

2. The pain feels as if something is burning or the area has been electrocuted

Nerves, as we all know, are quite similar to electrical circuits. The sensation from sciatica is identical to what happens when you touch an electrical cable. The intensity of pain is so high that you are not able to walk or stand properly. The intensity of pain also depends on how much damage has been done on your sciatic nerve.

3. One-sided pain

Typically, sciatica occurs on one side of the body, but it depends on where the nerve is damaged. It can occur in both the limbs if the damage is in the spine region. Usually, the pain is on one side of the body because only one portion of the spine is damaged.

4. The pain worsens up when you cough, sneeze or laugh

The pain is going to exacerbate with the smallest moves you make. When you sit for long periods of time and strain during your bowel movement, then the pressure is put on the sciatic nerve and as a result, the pain intensifies.

5. Spinal stenosis is what you are suffering from

When the vertebrae are worn and torn naturally, then the spinal canal narrows down, thus resulting in spinal stenosis. This kind of compression is a norm among the people aged 50 or more. The problem comes when the person stands or walk because then, the pain aggravates. The symptoms will ease up when a person is in the sitting position or leaning forward or lying down.

6. The presence of wallet in the back pocket of your pants

There is an issue by the name of piriformis syndrome that occurs when you have a wallet or cell phone pinching your piriformis muscle. This muscle is located deep in your buttocks and is also connected to the sciatic nerve. The compression of this nerve can cause sciatica.

7. Ruptured one of the spinal disks

There are disks present in your spine that protect 26 spinal bones, and if one or more disks is ruptured, then it can result in sciatica. A ruptured disk will put pressure on the sciatic nerve and cause it to compress.

These are seven symptoms that will confirm that you are suffering from sciatica. To get the best Sciatica treatment, you have to get in touch with Back Solutions Clinic. Call them now and get the best treatment today.

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