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Laser Treatment – San Antonio Neuropathy Center

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A research study conducted by Harvard Medical School reported that patients suffering with long term peripheral nerve injury showed progressive improvement in nerve motor function with the use of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) leading to significant functional recovery.

There are many different forms of near infrared lasers (NIR) on the market. In order to elicit nerve repair in peripheral nerves, the infrared light wavelength must be between 800 nm – 1100 nm. This range of wavelength allows for penetration of 4-6 inches deep within the tissue. Medical evidence shows that NIR triggers Nitric Oxide (NO) release, found to be extremely beneficial for neuropathy sufferers.

Nitric Oxide (NO) increases blood flow to injured or damaged nerves, increases circulation, oxygen, and nutrient delivery to nerves, stimulates proper nerve transmission, decreases pain and muscle spasms, among other benefits.

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Dr. John Coppola and Dr. Valerie Monteiro, founder and co-founder of the San Antonio Neuropathy Center, specialize in neuromuscular disorders such as, peripheral neuropathy and radiculopathy, among others, helping to educate the public about prevention of neuromuscular disorders as well as helping to treat and relieve neuropathy pain and symptoms.

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