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Foot Arthritis Symptoms

Foot Arthritis & Its Symptoms

blog picture of various bones highlighted where there is arthritis
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Foot arthritis may develop symptoms similar to any other joint affected by arthritis. The symptoms may vary depending on the joint of the foot affected. They can range from minimal to very severe and painful, since there are 30 joints and 28 bones in the foot. Symptoms for foot arthritis typically include pain, swelling, stiffness, and difficulty walking. Regardless of the type, this type of arthritis can have a negative impact on a person’s overall health and well being, if left untreated.

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The most common type of foot arthritis is osteoarthritis, or the condition resulting from years of use. Trauma from injury may also contribute to the development of osteoarthritis, especially if left untreated. Symptoms of osteoarthritis of the feet include pain, swelling, and stiffness of the foot, including the ankle. For more information, please feel free to ask Dr. Jimenez or contact us at (915) 850-0900.

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